A Bigger Bone
By Ai-Li (Malaysia)

Sam was a big brown dog. He spent most mornings hanging around at the neighborhood market, and his favorite spot was the butcher's stall. After Sam's frequent visit to the stall, Sam and the butcher became good friends.
One day, at the end of a busy day, Sam got his reward for keeping the butcher company.
" Here you go boy!" The butcher tossed a big bone to Sam.
Happily Sam jumped up high in the air and caught the bone with his sharp teeth. As he landed on his two front legs, he caught a greedy looking dog at the corner of his eye.
" Run!" He told himself. Sam ran as fast as his legs could carry him. After a distance, the greedy dog gave up the chase.
" Phew!" Sam was relieved. He stopped and looked around to find a place where he could quietly enjoy his delicious meal. He then decided to have it behind the bushes, but he had to cross the bridge to get there.
" Huh !" Sam let out a surprise moan, as he was crossing the bridge halfway. He took a few steps back. What he just saw was another dog in the water who seemed to have even a bigger bone in his mouth!
" I must have that bone too!" He told himself.
He wasted no time and sprang forward. He opened his huge jaw to grab the bone from the other dog. A loud thud followed, as his own delicious bone sank into the river.
Baffled, Sam stared into the water. A disappointed and regretful look stared back at him.