Building Project

One of TBSA's missions is to provide moral and monetary support for the activities of Dhammananda Vihara. Under the guidance of the resident Sayadaws, TBSA has been instrumental in propagating the Sasana not only in the Bay Area, but also to interested people throughout the whole world. In the previous newsletters, the public have been informed on the progress of building the new monastery. In this special anniversary issue, we will provide a quick glance of this mission being undertaken by TBSA.

Here are the highlights of the calendar of events that took place since the beginning of this project in 1997.

09/09/1997 TBSA takes the first step by applying for a Conditional Use Permit from County of San Mateo and California Coastal Commission to expand the buildings for a Meditation Center.

11/10/1998 After more than a year's wait, the Public Hearing of the County of San Mateo Planning Commission unanimously approves the Environmental
Document for TBSA's plan.

11/18/1998 The California Coastal Commission approves the plan. (Readers may be aware of the "Begin Scenic Route" sign on Cabrillo Highway. New constructions along the scenic route are required to maintain the current rural look and feel. No construction that will destroy the beauty of the scenic route along the California coast is allowed.)

01/15/1999 TBSA applies construction permits for new buildings, landscaping, and new septic systems.

01/21/1999 TBSA applies Encroachment permit from Caltrans to widen Highway 1 to add a left-turn lane on southbound lane.

01/07/2000 TBSA receives construction permits from County of San Mateo. TBSA is now able to announce its members and donors who have either pledged support or paid for the "New Monastery Fund" that it will be able to start the construction no later than the end of June 2000.

02/02/2000 TBSA calls for bids from contractors is posted in the "San Francisco Chronicle". An advertisement is also posted in the trade journal that is subscribed
by building construction firms and independent contractors.

03/17/2000 TBSA extends the deadline for submission of tenders due to the request of some contractors to give more time for evaluation of this project.

03/21/2000 A potential contractor meets Sayadaw U Silananda and TBSA officials. Constructing a new building from scratch is much less expensive than extending an old building. Since Dhammananda Vihara is located in an agricultural land within the Coastal scenic route, the permits are for extending existing buildings.

03/26/2000 Executive committee meeting decided to prioritize the tasks involved in the "New Monstery Project".

04/16/2000 Despite rains and winds, hundreds of devotees and well wishers crowded at Dhammananda Vihara to usher in the Burmese New Year.

04/18/2000 The Kason Festival is cancelled. The resident Sayadaws will find temporary home in trailers or temporary sheds that will either be leased or bought.

04/28/00 TBSA makes a request to Coastside County Water District to perform Fire Flow Requirement Analysis for the new structures to determine if the water pressure is enough for the fire sprinkler system. If not and if the county can increase the water pressure to the distribution line, it will save TBSA a lot of money from installing pumps and huge water storage tank
on the property.

Thanks to all the past, present and future donors of the "New Monastery Fund". We look forward in getting a helping hand from everybody to make this project a successful one for the community. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.