Beneficiaries of Aye-Thet Scholarship (1997)

Aye-Thet Scholarship program was started in 1992 with the intention of encouraging young Myanmars to become interested in Theravada Buddhism and culture of their parents. Since then a number of students have participated in the scholarship examinations over the years.

Every year, it has awarded prizes and gifts to students who have achieved good knowledge in Buddhism. Most of the students may be urged by their parents to take part in the examination while they may not be very interested at first. But those students now understand about Buddhism better than they did before. These young
people are more aware of their religion. They will be for sure studying more as they grow up.

Some may even be taking courses in religion when they go to universities or colleges. They can now explain, talk, discuss of their religion in the classes or among their friends. They are now able to urgue on some issues while friends of the same religious background cannot. These are the benefits of participating in this Aye-Thet Scholarship program.

Many youngsters may not see this way. Some, who took the examination, may not notice what they have benefited. TBSA received a letter from a student who took the last Aye-Thet examination. In her own words she explained how this program had changed her. In order for other young people and future participants to understand the benefit of this program, I am printing the letter below for all to see.

With metta,
The Editor