Contractor for TBSA Construction Project
by U Myat Htoo


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Meditation Hall

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Assembly Hall

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Old Main Building

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The TBSA 20th Anniversary Issue contains a progress report about the TBSA Construction Project. This news release came too late to be incorporated as a "supplement" to the newsletter.

Finally, I have good news to share with all of you regarding the construction of new Monastery (Meditation Center).  After a few months of failed attempt to negotiate with the prospective contractor, TBSA have finally found a new Contractor who can build the new Monastery and more with the $600,000 we have cash on hand.

This contractor is a successful Burmese real estate developer U Richard Shwe, a disciple of Sayadaw U Silananda. He has been in this real estate development business for the last ten years.  His company is known as Progressive Construction, Inc. which has successfully constructed and sold many upscale residencial homes mainly in Silicon Valley area.

Sayadaws and the Board met with U Richard Shwe yesterday at the Monastery after the Waso Pwe.  He reported to the Board and Sayadaws that he will volunteer and render his services to TBSA free of charge.  Which means that there will be no profit, no overhead charges, and no project supervision & management fees will
occur associated with this construction.  One estimate puts the fees and charges at 10+% profit, 15+% overhead charges, and $50.000+  for project supervision. and management fees.

Since U Richard Shwe pledges not to charge above and beyond the actual cost for materials and labor, Sayadaws and the Board made a unanimous decision to award the contract to him.  As you all can see, we will be saving tremendous amount of money by awarding this contract to him.

On behalf of TBSA, I would like to apologize everyone for the delay of this construction and would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience.  TBSA have received the permit time extension from County of San Mateo to start the project until the end of September.  The construction will begin around the end of August or early September after U Richard Shwe has wrapped up his current project.

I would also like to thank all the supporters of TBSA for their generous donations made over the years and their continued support. Without your valuable meritorious deeds, this important project of Theravada Buddhist Meditation Center will never happened.