Loan Approved for Dhammananda Expansion Project

In accordance with the advice and guidance given by the sayadaws, the Trustees of TBSA have been working on a project to improve the existing premises. The project will not only remodel and expand the existing premises to provide more suitable accommodation for the sayadaws, but will also include a proper meditation hall, lodging for the yogis, and a suitable area for religious functions. The project was approved by the San Mateo County Planning Commission in December 1998.

We expect to get the construction permit in the near future, on receipt of which we will invite tenders for the work. Contract will be given to the lowest qualified bidder. The estimated time to complete the work is six months.

We applied for a loan of $300,000 from the Tamalpais Bank in San Rafael for this project and it has been approved. The funds have now been deposited in three different bank savings accounts to ensure security. The cost for the loan will be $2,368 per month.

There are about 5000 supporters of TBSA but we are sad to mention that the monthly pledges for the expansion project are only about $500. It is very low compared to the total figure. We now have to depend on donations received during regular religious ceremonies to make both ends meet. It would be a great gesture of goodwill and ‘dana’ if the monthly pledges could be raised to about $2000.

We are also in need of funds for the Dhammananda renovation project. Donations, big or small, may be made lump sum or in installments, in the name of individuals, family, group or organization to the Dhammananda Monastery Building and Grounds.