Test your knowledge

1.One famous shrine in Myanmar sitting on the extreme verge of a sloping holy rock, which is one of the religious wonders is:
a) Kyaikhtiyo b) Mya Theindan c) Gaw-daw-palin d) Shwe Theindaw

2.The Buddhism that is practiced in Myanmar and other South East Asian countries is:
a) Mahayana b) Tao c) Zen d) Theravada

3.Who was Buddha's father?
a) King Anawratha b) King Suddhodana c) King Asoka d) King Mindon

4.A Myanmar holiday which is celebrated at the end of Buddhist lent is on the full moon day of:
a) Tazaungmone b) Tapaung c) Thadingyut d) Waso

5. What are the 3 jewels of Buddhism?
a) Dhamma, sila, sharing merits b) Parents, Teachers, Elders c) Refrain from killing beings, refrain from stealing, refrain from adultery d) Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

6. The time Prince Siddhattha left for the forest was:
a) before his son Rahula was born b) on the day Rahula was born c) the day after Rahula was born d) six months after Rahula was born