by Ko Myat Htoo

If you have visited the Half Moon Bay monastery lately, you will see a trailer parked beside the "soon sar kyaung". It is to be used by Sayadaws U Jota and U Osadha during the "Monastery Expansion/Construction" project.

The trailer is a 16-year-old good second-hand one 10' wide and 52' long.  TBSA is very grateful to Daw Kyin Ngwe and her group who generously donated $4,000 seed-funds towards the purchase of this trailer.  The purchased price is $8,390, we are still soliciting additional donors for this trailer.

It has 2 good-sized rooms, 10'x 13' 6" and 10'x 16', with a clean bathroom and shower in the middle and a small office 10'x6' at the end.  Exterior paint has been weather beaten and is a little dull.  If you look at it from outside, it may not have an eye catching appearance.  However, the interior is still pretty nice.  Arre there any volunteers to give it a fresh coat
of paint?

Several volunteers have helped to hook up telephone, electricity, water, and sewer line to the trailer.  For electricity,
Albert Nathan and his team volunteered.  Ko Kyaw Teza, Ko Tin Maung Lwin and myself can take care of water and sewer hookup.  Pac-Bell will be called to hook up telephone and internet lines.

Sayadaw U Silananda has accepted the offer from Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC), 1215 Lucretia Ave, San Jose to spend the vassa (Waso) and continue to stay there during construction.  U Sobhana will use the upstairs room at Soon-sar-kyaung.  U Jota and U Osadha will stay in the trailer.  TBSA office will also be located in the trailer.

This trailer will also be used for Aunty Daw Than Kyi and Sayalay to live during Soon-sar-kyaung reconstruction for a Dhamma-yone.  After all the construction is complete it can be parked behind the Monastery and can be served as additional Yogi rooms.