The Nine Special Qualities of the Sangha

The Sangha (the Community of Noble Ones ) has the nine special qualities as follows: (1) practicing the good (right) way, (2) practicing the straight way, (3) practicing the true way to Nibbana, (4) practicing the proper way, (5) being worthy of gifts, (6) being worthy of hospitality, (7) being worthy of offerings, (8) being… Read More

The Six Special Qualities of the Dhamma

The Dhamma is (1) well-proclaimed by the Blessed One, (2) self-realized, (3) followed by fruit without delay (of immediate result), (4) worthy of the invitation “Come and see”, (5) brought to oneself, and (6) realized by the wise each for himself. (1) The Dhamma which is Well-Proclaimed by the Blessed One The Dhamma, which is… Read More

Questions And Answers About Vipassana

1. Where does the practice of Vipassana come from? Vipassana meditation chiefly comes from the tradition of Theravada Buddhism. There are two major divisions of Buddhism in the world today—Mahayana and Theravada. Mahayana tradition developed as Buddhism spread to the Northern Asian countries of Tibet, China, Japan, etc. Theravada tradition stay in Southern Asian and spread to… Read More

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

(A Summary) A Talk Given at the Buddha Sasana Yeiktha, Severn Bridge, Ontario, Canada The opening Passage from the MahÈsatipaÔÔhÈna Sutta “This is the only way, monks, for the purification of beings, for the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of pain and grief, for reaching the Noble Path, for the realization of… Read More

The Happiest Year Ever

The Year 2000 has a special significance for both TBSA and Dhammananda Vihara, because it is the 20th Anniversary Year of the founding of both in the US. Through these 20 years, TBSA and Dhammananda Vihara have served their devotees, both Burmese and non-Burmese, very well. Twenty years ago Burmese immigrants were just beginning their… Read More

Dhamma in a Foreign Land

Since 1997 Venerable U Silananda and I have been involved in the founding of a Theravada Buddhist monastery in Mexico. That monastery, the Dhamma Vihara, was opened on January 30, 1999. At the beginning we had to focus almost all our energy and resources on establishing the monastery. Today, three years later, we are glad… Read More

New Buddhist Center in Puerto Rico

We are happy to announce that the Caribbean Buddhist Center for Meditation and Study (CMEBC) has been founded in Puerto Rico and that Venerable U Silananda has kindly accepted to be its spiritual director. This new center is affiliated with the Mexican Center of Theravada Buddhism (CMBT). The founders of this center are Ronald Martínez… Read More

The Making of the Mexican Vihara

THANKS to your generous support and that of a committed group of Mexicans, soon we will be seeing a functioning Theravada Vihara on the soil of Mexico. During the past months, there have been many positive developments towards this goal. Right now, people are working hard in the existing house to make it available to… Read More

The Opening of the Mexican Vihara

After months of preparations, collecting donations and much effort from the local Mexican dhamma patrons, the Dhamma Vihara, the first Theravada vihara, was officially opened on January 30, 1999 at a place near Jalapa, Mexico. The ceremony was attended by 150 people from far and near. Among the guests were Theravada Buddhist monks and representatives… Read More