Sayadaw U Sobhana

Birth and Youth

1921: born in Myingyan, Central Myanmar in 1921.
(Myingyan is also the birth place of Sunlun Sayadaw and Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw.)
Sayadaw U Sobhana was a subject of a research on “Reincarnation”


1936: became a novice at the Chan Tha Gyi Monastery in Mandalay.


1943: became a full-fledged monk in the higher ordination (upasampada).


1931- 1936: studied at the American Baptist Missionary School

1939: passed the Government Intermediate examinations.

1941: sat for the Advanced Pali Text examination.

1949: went to Calcutta, India and studied Sanskrit.

1950 – 1957:  continued studies in English and Sanskrit in Colombo, Sri Lanka

1955: passed General Certificate of Education (GCE) administered by University of London.

Sasana activities

1957 – 1959:

  • member of Editorial Board (Pativitsodhaka) Sayadaws at the Tipitaka/Myanmar Dictionary Department
  • carried out research work on Pali Text
  • studied and practice vipassana meditation at Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha


  • Anunakaya Sayadaw at the Japan Dhammaduta Missionary Branch of the Buddha Sasana Council.

1959 to 1981:

  • member of the Mission sent to Thailand by the Myanmar Buddha Sasana Council
  • taught Pali Text and Vipasana meditation at the Bodharama Monastery in Nakhorn Sawan in Thailand


  • intensive meditation courses at Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha (approved to conduct meditation courses abroad in the Mahasi tradition)

1981 to present:

  • came to the United States in 1981 per invitation of TBSA to reside at the Dhammamnanda Vihara Monastery in the San Francsico Bay Area
  • taught Buddhism and Vipassana meditation to laity especially to young students (See “My Students”)
  • scheduled calendar for the TBSA activities
  • On the Full Moon of Tabaung (March 15, 2000), Sayadaw was conferred on the prestigious title “Agga Maha Saddhammajotika Dhaja”. (The title is given to people for their outstanding contributions to the propagation of sasana throughout the world.)


  • Lecture Notes on “Fundamentals of Buddhism” (1000+ handwritten pages)
  • Some of the notes appeared as articles in the TBSA newsletter (e.g. April 1993 issue)
  • “Sayadaw U Sobhana’s Biography and Essence of his Teachings” by Dr. Tin Wa and Daw Khin Khin Win (Dhamma Dana by Sinuch Pongsavas)