U Nandisena

Personal information

Monastic name: Bhikkhu Nandisena

Lay person name: Angel Oscar Valentinuzzi

Country of birth: Argentina

Place of birth: Río Cuarto, Córdoba

Date of birth: 21-08-1954

Current nationality: USA


Date of novice and bhikkhu ordination: April 26, 1991

Place of ordination: Taungpulu Kaba Aye Monastery, Boulder Creek, CA, USA

Name of preceptor: Venerable Hlaing Tet Sayadaw

Name of teacher: Venerable U Silananda



Pali Language following the ancient and modern methods.


Pali Scriptures and the ancient Commentaries and Sub-commentaries.




Spanish translation of A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma, The Abhidhammattha Sangaha by Anuruddha, published by El Colegio de México, first edition 1999. ISBN 968-12-0878-1.

General editor of the Spanish translation of the book Guide to Tipitaka by U Ko Lay, published as an e-book by Buddhist Community of México, first CD edition 2002.

Editor and Spanish translator of the book Pali Roots in Saddaniti by Venerable U Silananda, published by Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada, first edition, 2005.

Editor of the Spanish translation of the book Abhidhamma in Daily Life, published by Dhammodaya, first edition 2006.



Bhikkhu Nandisena has taught classes, courses and retreats on Theravada Buddhism in United States of America, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Canada and Indonesia.



Web master of the site of Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada A.C. (www.cmbt.org) and Dhamma Vihara (www.dhammavihara.org).

The web site of Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada offers free publications and a discussion forum to those in the Spanish-speaking world interested in the Buddha’s Teachings.



Abbot of the Dhamma Vihara, Mexico.

Spiritual guide of Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada A.C.

Resident monk of Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA.


Current activities

Translation of Pali Texts into Spanish.

Travels to Argentina to teach classes and retreats.

Conducts retreats and classes at the Theravad monastery Dhamma Vihara and other places in Mexico.

Since 2005, he has started teaching on-line courses in Spanish on Theravada Buddhism. The following courses in Spanish have been taught using Learning Content Management System ATutor: Abhidhamma in Daily Life, Pali Course Part I, Introduction to Theravada Buddhism. The last course is in progress. There are more than fifty student enrolled in this course, some of them are from Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries.